Lunch & Snack Menu

Our center offers an optional hot lunch program to children age one year to twelve years. Lunch is prepared by Aldo’s Catering of Germantown.

This food is prepared in a USDA certified facility, and delivered hot to our center each day. This service is at an additional charge to you and is non-refundable in the event your child is not here. Lunches are pre-purchased a month in advance.

If you choose not to receive hot lunch for your child, you are required to provide a lunch that meets State of Wisconsin guidelines. This includes a protein, a vegetable, a fruit and a whole grain. We will provide milk. If your child has an allergy to milk, we recommend that you bring in an alternative. We can store it in the kitchen (or classroom) and use it for your child exclusively.

Infant meals are supplied by parents/legal guardians. Infant meals consist of things such as formula, breast milk, cereals, and jar foods. Bottles with breast milk will be clearly marked to remind staff of usage requirements.

Menus are located on all communication boards in the center.

Morning and afternoon snacks costs are included in your weekly fees.

Sample Lunch and Snack Menus:
Sample Lunch Menu
Sample Snack Menu