Pewaukee, WI

Pewaukee is located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  Pewaukee is an area that has preserved a country feel.  It is a part of the surrounding Lake Country region.  It offers many recreational activities especially around Pewaukee Lake including boating, fishing, sailing and bird watching.  Pewaukee also offers growing industrial areas, prosperous businesses and longstanding restaurants.

Like many of the other community names in Wisconsin, the name Pewaukee is a Native American origin. It comes from “Pee-wauk-ee-wee-nick”, meaning either “the dusty water”1 or “lake of shells”2 in Potawatomi.

The Mission of the Village of Pewaukee is to “… continue to improve the quality of life for our community through fiscally sound policies, efficient administration, progressive and ethical leadership and effective communication. Our focus will be on conscientious development and redevelopment, public safety, community services and regional cooperation.”3

The Pewaukee School District encompasses four schools.  Pewaukee High School was ranked as the 2nd best in the state for improvements in exceeding expectations on the Accountability Scorecard published by the State of Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction.4

Momentum Early Learning Child Care’s Sussex campus is located just over 3 miles north of Pewaukee.  Technology is a key part of the focus in the Pewaukee School District.  Likewise, Technology as one of Momentum Early Learning’s core values coincides with this emphasis.  Through the use of fingerprint technology, web cams parents can be confident in the safety and care of their children at the center.  Momentum’s teachers use iPads as a regular part of the curriculum in age groups three and up.  Momentum Early Learning is not your typical day care, but rather our philosophy is child care with a focus on early learning and kindergarten readiness.  We invite you to visit the facility to see the technology in action.  This is one of the main reasons Momentum Early Learning is the New Standard in Childcare.


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