Merton, WI

Merton is a community situated in the north central section of Waukesha County.  It is amongst five lakes within the area. There are many activities to enjoy in the area including fishing, water recreation, walking, snowmobile and hiking trails. Being in the middle of a lake rich area allows many opportunities for outdoor recreation.  It has a rural feel.  Based on the location, Merton is a complicated town within Waukesha County.  There are eight different elementary schools, two union high schools a K-8 school district.

Merton is served by the Merton School District.  The students are led to new standards of performance in order to prepare them for college and or a career.  The well rounded approach to shaping young minds through curriculum and student curiosity has led to exceeding expectations so highly in the most recent school year assessments.

Arrowhead School District also serves the Merton area.  The district is proud of the academic success as well as the performance of it athletic teams.

Parts of the town and village of Merton also fall into parts of the Richmond and Hamilton School Districts.

Momentum Early Learning’s Sussex campus is just five miles from Merton.  Momentum Early Learning is not a standard child care or day care facility.  It sets the bar for a high quality education and kindergarten preparation program.  A full day 4K program is part of the early child hood development process.  Teachers within the school district have indicated that the students coming from Momentum Early Learning into the elementary schools are further ahead in their preparation that other incoming students.  Come understand the curriculum and see how creative play is a part of the development process.  Also, visit the clean and well organized facility that is the New Standard in child care.