Mequon/Thiensville, WI

Mequon and Thiensville are communities within close proximity that pool resources for maximum benefits for residents.  The Village of Thiensville sits along the Milwaukee River in Ozaukee County.  The community is great for thriving small businesses.  Thiensville also retains its historic charm in the downtown area.

Mequon is just minutes from Milwaukee, and is situated along the Lake Michigan western shores.  Mequon covers a large area from the lake to the Milwaukee River and is very conveniently located close to the Interstate.  It boasts many recreational options from lakeshore bluffs, to parks, and five golf courses.  Much of the land within the area is undeveloped.  Mequon is also home to Concordia University and the North Campus of Milwaukee area Technical College.  Both Mequon and Thiensville are served by the Mequon-Thiensville School District.

The Mequon-Thiensville School District continues to be a high ranking school district for its academic performance.  The Mequon-Thiensville School District was ranked as Wisconsin’s number 1 school district in 2013 and 20141.  Students are challenged through the curriculum and extracurricular activities.  This programing is key to engaging students at various levels.   Students consistently have test scores that measure the academic programming within the school district to significantly exceed expectations.  The Mequon-Thiensville School District was also named the “Best School for Your Housing Buck” in Wisconsin and ranked third in the nation.2

Mequon and Thiensville are due east of Momentum Early Learning’s Germantown child care center.  It is a straight shot east on Mequon Road/WI 167.  Not unlike the Mequon-Thiensville School District, Momentum Early Learning has a high standard for education to prepare children to enter Kindergarten ready for the next stage of learning.  Teachers are educated and continually learn new and better ways to enhance learning through Creative Curriculum®.  Based on 38 objectives for development and Learning, Creative Curriculum® allows teachers to present learning as a way of discovery and exploration which enables the preschoolers to build confidence, use creativity and develop problem solving skills.

Momentum Early Learning offers enrichment programs in addition to its standard curriculum so children can engage in extra opportunities for development.  Some of these include sports, languages and art.  Not only is Momentum Early Learning recognized as the “New Standard in Child Care” for its educational core values, it also utilizes technology as part of the learning process and to enhance safety within the child care center.  Each classroom has a webcam where parents can observe the children and the entrance requires parents to be fingerprinted to obtain access to the center.  This provides the utmost feeling of security for parents.  Teachers for children ages three and older, also use iPads in the classroom to enhance development through learning applications.  Contact us to schedule your tour; you will not be disappointed!



1 Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction issued district report card.
2 Forbes magazine