Hartland, WI

Hartland is located in Waukesha County, Wisconsin.  It is a village situated along the Bark River.  Hartland is located in what is referred to as “Wisconsin’s beautiful Lake Country” with twelve lakes within a five mile area.

Many residents believe in the excellent quality of life that Hartland has to offer.  The area offers a great variety characteristics including its thriving business community, beautiful neighborhoods, as well as convenience.  Amongst the lakes, there are also many other recreational areas including parks and golf courses, as well as many community organizations.

The quaint small town charm is evident in the downtown area.  Hartland is located in the Arrowhead Union High School District and is known for some of the best schools in the state of Wisconsin.  The Arrowhead Union High School District mission is “to provide a comprehensive public education that challenges individuals to reach their full potential. Students, school, parents, and community share the responsibility to provide an ‘Arrowhead Experience’ that will enable students to become responsible adults who can succeed in the future. With students as the focus of all that we do, we are committed to establishing and achieving high expectations with measurable goals that promote excellence.”

Momentum Early Learning Child Care’s Sussex campus is located just 7 miles east of Hartland.  Education as a core value fits well with the families in this area that are seeking the best preparation and education for their small children prior to transferring into the strong Hartland schools.  The focus of Momentum’s strong teaching staff is on individualized goals for each child as well as weekly lesson plans that focus on learning through play.  Momentum Early Learning is not your typical day care, but rather our philosophy is child care with a focus on early learning and kindergarten readiness.  Come see our facility and how your children will learn through natural expression of play within the curriculum.  Experience the reason Momentum Early Learning is the New Standard in Childcare.