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It’s important you receive as much valuable information as you can about Momentum Early Learning. This section offers a comprehensive look at our philosophy, our facility, our teachers, and more. If you have a question that isn’t addressed here, please feel free to contact us, and we’ll do our best to answer promptly.

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How is Momentum Early Learning different from other child care facilities?

Momentum Early Learning is privately owned and operated. Our core values of Safety, Education, Cleanliness, and Technology exemplify our dedication to excellence and quality care.  When it comes to safety, our security system at the door uses a fingerprint recognition technology to gain access to our facility for the utmost safety and security. The interior of Momentum Early Learning is designed with warm and inviting colors, which together creates a safe and secure feeling for both children and their families. As professionals we have the understanding of what it takes to lay the foundation for education with young children. We pride ourselves in having a nurturing yet academic program that excels children’s development. Our classrooms and facility receive a thorough cleaning every night to maintain a healthy environment for the children to learn in.  Momentum uses the latest technology for parents/legal guardians to view their child via secure web camera access throughout the day and utilizes iPad technology to provide interactive experiences with our preschool friends that increases their academic skill. Momentum Early Learning is The New Standard in Child Care.

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What should parents/legal guardians look for when visiting a child care facility?

Parents/legal guardians can make proper judgments about any child care facility by popping in unexpectedly. Every parent/legal guardian should pay special attention to the following when visiting a child care facility:

  • sound level and type of sound (laughter vs. yelling and crying)
  • overall mood of the children and teachers
  • children’s engagement in activities and learning
  • teacher supervision and involvement with children
  • the overall safety of the children and the facility
  • cleanliness and appeal of the center.

Momentum Early Learning strives to go above and beyond minimum expectations creating a difference you can see and feel the moment you walk through our doors.

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How are Momentum Early Learning teachers educated and trained?

Momentum Early Learning places high expectations on all of our staff. Most of our teaching staff holds an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and are qualified through years of practical experience in early childhood education. Teachers are required each year to have a minimum number of continuing education hours that keep our teachers up to date with the latest early childhood trends and YoungStar requirements. Momentum provides continuing education opportunities at every monthly staff meeting as well as through our Community Partnership Workshop series where professionals in the community can share their knowledge in a topic related to early childhood for both our staff and parents. Teachers are also required to be a member of The Registry, a Wisconsin based system that recognizes early education professionals for their pursuit of education, experience and professional achievements.

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How are children actively engaged in learning while at Momentum Early Learning?

Children enrolled at Momentum Early Learning are actively engaged in learning in a variety of ways. Our teachers use observation and intentional planning to improve individual development for each child. Individual lesson planning is used weekly to highlight goals for each child recognizing that all children do not learn at the same rate. Teachers create group lesson plans using a strategically planned framework incorporating individual children’s goals as well as goals for the whole group to nurture their development. Areas of development such as health and physical development, social and emotional development, and approaches to learning are addressed throughout the day in classroom routines and activities. Throughout your child’s day, they experience planned activities in language and literacy, math and discovery, music and movement, and imaginative play along with unplanned, spontaneous adventures capitalizing on teachable moments. Once learning begins…it’s all about momentum!

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How is child care regulated?

The State of Wisconsin regulates all child care facilities through the Department of Children and Families or DCF. The DCF establishes child care standards and guidelines for child care facilities to follow and maintain in order to protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of the children in a child care facility. Each group child care facility requires a license from the state. Child care facilities are required to post their license and any violations in clear view at all times for parents/legal guardians. Momentum Early Learning’s license is framed in the center’s vestibule along with our most recent licensing visit.
In addition to the DCF, the child care rating program called YoungStar also oversees child care facilities.  YoungStar is a program of the DCF created to improve the quality of child care for Wisconsin children.  Momentum Early Learning participates in the YoungStar program each year. YoungStar does a full review of our facility including our teacher education and qualifications, our curriculum and classroom environments, our business practices, and the health and wellness of our program. Through their annual rating, we are able to target areas to improve our quality while still maintaining our higher standard of education and care.

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What are the child-to-teacher ratios? And how many children are in one group at a time?

Child-to-teacher ratios are determined by DCF. Based on the square footage of each classroom the max group size may be limited for school age children, however majority of our classrooms exceed the minimum square footage required by state regulations for each age group.

Age of Children Ratio of Staff to Child Maximum Group Size
Birth – 2 yrs. 1:4 8
2 – 2.5 yrs. 1:6 12
2.5  – 3 yrs. 1:8 16
3 – 4 yrs. 1:10 20
4 – 5 yrs. 1:13 24
5 – 6 yrs. 1:17 34
6 yrs. and older 1:18 36

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