Toddlers (One to Two Years)

Social-emotional development is one of the focuses in Mobile Tykes and Trailblazing Tots. Toddlers are learning about themselves, others, and how they relate to each other. Learning to work through their emotions and frustrations is a constant challenge. Classroom environments are nurturing, stimulating, and offer a variety of materials to aid in learning to share.

The teaching staff strives to build confidence in the toddlers by celebrating their accomplishments and assisting them should they need help working through a problem. By providing an environment that is easily accessible to toddlers and includes toddler size table and chairs, teaching a toddler independence becomes an achievable goal.

A predictable daily schedule and routine help toddlers work through their fears and insecurities. Art projects, music and physical activities are favorites of toddlers and are prominent in the classroom throughout the day. Children at this age are increasingly mobile and are exploring new environments with enthusiasm. They are discovering how things work, how things make them feel and how to express themselves.

Toddler Sample Lesson Plan