Preschool (Three to Four Years)

Children in Creative Explorers and Little Scholars are developing socially and emotionally by recognizing their feelings and how their actions affect other’s feelings. They demonstrate more independence and self-control, learning to take responsibility for their own actions and well-being. Their communication skills are becoming more complex making it easier to understand and communicate with them. Preschool children are also beginning to trust persons outside of their families and are developing strong bonds with their teachers and friends.

Preschool children can follow rules and routines, and understand consequences. They learn to take initiative and assert themselves in social situations. Preschool children show persistence and curiosity, applying what they have learned to new scenarios. They work together in groups toward a common goal. Teachers encourage children to work through problems and expand their knowledge by trying new things and moving away from their comfort zone.

Preschool teachers foster a strong community atmosphere for learning. Teachers plan intentionally while maintaining the flexibility to respond to the changing interests and abilities of the children. Preschool teachers use exploration and discovery as a way of learning enabling children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills. Teachers adjust their teaching to meet the strengths, needs, and interests of individual children with an emphasis on math, literacy and overall development.

Preschool Sample Lesson Plan