Infants (Six Weeks-One Year)

Cuddly Cuties by nature are on their own schedules. This allows for their own temperament and patterns to guide their day. They choose when to eat, sleep and play. We partner with parents to keep their child’s schedule consistent from home to child care and vice versa.

One of our goals with infants is to optimize our interactions with them by using their daily care and routine as a time to communicate. Diapering, eating (or drinking) and playing with toys are examples of teachable moments of learning. Language development is an ongoing focus in the infant classrooms as we communicate and converse with the children throughout their day.

Experiences and activities are used to give infants a variety of opportunities for growth. Swings, high chairs, boppies, exersaucers, bouncy chairs and playing on the floor offer infants different experiences throughout the day. Walks in the stroller offer infants the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a safe manner. Different settings stimulate curiosity, communication, self-esteem, belonging, and developmental growth. Art experiences are offered for older babies providing opportunities to stimulate their senses and encourage fine motor growth. Music and singing are important for this age and are a part of each day.

Infant Sample Lesson Plan