Curriculum Components

Curriculum Components

Momentum Early Learning’s curriculum is based on three components:

  • Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards
  • YoungStar Standards
  • Creative Curriculum

We emphasize Creative Curriculum in our curriculum because of the strong goals and objectives for development and learning. These goals and objectives are used with children birth through kindergarten. Each goal and objective is progressive and is divided into developmentally appropriate steps. The content areas Creative Curriculum emphasizes are social-emotional development, physical development, language development, cognitive development, literacy, mathematics, science and technology, social studies, and the arts. Creative Curriculum strives for a full classroom learning experience and incorporates hands on learning in conjunction with teacher/child interaction.

Creative Curriculum is research based, widely used in the early childhood community and meets the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards. The Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards guiding principles include: all children are capable and competent; early relationships matter; a child’s early learning and development is multi-dimensional; expectations for children must be guided by knowledge of child growth and development; children are individuals who develop at various rates; children are members of cultural groups that share developmental patterns; children exhibit a range of skills and competencies within any domain of development; children learn through play and the active exploration of their environment; and parents are children’s primary and most important caregivers and educators

Creative Curriculum is also recognized by YoungStar, the Wisconsin Child Care Rating Program, as a developmentally appropriate curriculum for young children and an important indicator of quality education.