We are so happy to be a part of the Momentum family. Our daughter has been attending since she was 10 weeks old and we truly feel the caregivers with whom she spends her days love her like we do. We are confident in their abilities to nurture and educate her and feel so comfortable leaving her in their care. She claps when we pull the car into the parking lot every morning and clearly enjoys her time there with her friends and teachers.

“As first-time parents, we frequently have questions about child development and behavior. It’s wonderful to have such a great knowledge base from which to draw. I really like having constant communication with professionals who interact with her and can provide accurate assessments. They have seen and addressed many more issues than I have and it’s reassuring to hear their great ideas and feedback.

I appreciate the structure of my daughter’s days at Momentum and am always a little envious of the creative, fun activities they have planned. I’m so impressed with her development and know she has a great time learning there.

Tara D.