Momentum is an amazing place. The teachers are caring and provide an excellent education in a way that is fun for the children to learn. Our daughter began attending Momentum when she was four, and it was impressive how much her learning immediately skyrocketed. For example, within one month she learned how to write out the entire alphabet and spell many words. Previously, she had only known how to write a few letters. We found the entire staff at Momentum to be very friendly and compassionate, as the Director even helped our daughter work through a stage of heightened separation anxiety. Through that situation, you could tell everyone truly cared for her and wanted to help. Additionally, this warm and caring spirit carried through the rest of the facility. As we would drop off our daughter or pick her up, we also always enjoyed walking by the baby rooms, as it was so heartwarming to see the teachers happily playing with the children. It was easy to tell the teachers were truly enjoying their time with the kids. Another thing that really stands out about Momentum is how neat and clean the facilities are kept. It was a breath of fresh air (literally) compared to other facilities we had experienced, and shows exceptional attention to detail by management. We moved out of state recently, but our daughter still talks about Momentum regularly. She reminisces about all of the friends she made, the fun she had, and the teachers she enjoyed. I don’t think she will ever forget her time at Momentum, as it was very special to her!

Susan C.