My daughter attended Momentum Early Learning from the time she was two until she was 4.5 years old when we decided to place her in the 4K program at the school she will be attending through 8th grade. It wasn’t until we made the switch that I learned to appreciate the quality and advanced nature of the curriculum taught at Momentum. While I was always aware the program was setting a new standard for Daycare centers, it was also providing our daughter with an education much further along than required at her age . The first day at her new school, we received an outline of the curriculum that is worked on through the course of the year at the 4K level, I was shocked that most of milestones outlined were items that she was taught and “Mastered” at age two and three. We approached the teacher with this quandary and were told that the milestones outlined were appropriate for the age group and that when they get a gauge of where our daughter was at, they would try to challenge her when they were able. Thank you so much to the amazing teachers and staff at Momentum for helping my daughter become the little person she is today, she entered 4K able to count and recognize numbers past 100 when requirement in the new curriculum is to know to much, much less than that. She has impeccable manners and a sense of responsibility to clean up after herself. She is aware of her surroundings and the people around her and knows that they all deserve the same respect that she asks. We are happy that she is able to attend Momentum for Drop in care during holiday breaks and are very much looking forward to attending Camp Velocity in the summers.

Amanda A.