Outdoor Fun for the Whole Family

At Momentum Early Learning we hold four very important Core Values: Safety, Education, Cleanliness, and Technology. To maintain our higher standard of child care, we focus on education and curriculum. We asked Ms. Kelsi to show the importance of being outside and some activities to jump start your summer!

Summer is now approaching and you can feel it in the air. Some of the best activities happen in the summer because you can take all of the same subjects of learning, outside! Blocks, puzzles, games and art are not just made to be used inside. There are many old activities that you can make new again with a twist of the outdoors. Did you know that there are benefits to being outside? These benefits range from teaching responsibility, promoting creativity and imagination, as well as reducing stress and getting our bodies moving. Going outside is not only important for kids but adults as well. Here are a few summertime outdoor activities for your whole family!

rock tick toeRock Tick Tack Toe

This activity promotes creativity but and conscious thinking about what move to make next in the game. Spend time painting rocks with two sets of certain colors and get creative. This bumble bee and lady bug design is too cute not to share!

Tie Dye with a Twist

If your family is a little bit competitive, like many I know, this is a great activity to incorporate into your summer agenda. Tie dying with a twist. Instead of tying up your shirts and trying to get all of the dye to soak in, try this instead! Hang your white items up on a clothes line, fill up squirt guns with the mixed up and color dye, and then have a water fight at your t-shirts! What a fun new way to tie dye, and the product is a cool t-shirt to show off and share.tie dyeee

Birds Nest Nature Activity

While you are out an about bring a bag and fill it with everything nature provides. Sticks, rocks, feathers, grass, etc. Fill it with as many different types of materials possible and together build a bird’s nest. Which one is the sturdiest? Which one is the softest? Not only are you learning about the environment, but you also get to take a nature walk as well.



Solar Oven S’Mores

Food is something that is loved by most, so why not put a twist on the age of sweet treat of S’Mores by making them in a homemade solar oven! This activity is something that all ages can enjoy, especially the yummy s’more at the end! The link is attached below on the steps to creating your own solar oven.


Side Walk Sponge Toss

This game aids not only cognitive development like thinking critically, but it also helps mathematic and physical development. On the driveway draw 4 circles all inside of one another, and label each circle with a number. For older kids you may want to do groups of 10, or even 1-4 would work for the younger kids. At different points outside of the circle add in shapes. Each child stands in the shape and tries to throw a wet sponge as close as they can to the middle (like darts) and add up the points at the end. You can cool down during this game and work on number identification and adding skills!

bock toss

No matter what activities your family decides to do this summer, make sure you take the time to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer. There are so many different things you can do throughout the summer to cool off, work on cognitive skills, physical skills, and most importantly make memories. There are many different resources out there that you can use to explore all that nature has to offer. Here are a few for you to explore:




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