Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Liz at Germantown

The teachers at Momentum Early Learning dedicate much of their time and heart to the children in their classroom. We appreciate all of their hard work and the commitment they make to maintain a higher standard of excellence in everything they do. The culture at Momentum is driven by one unified vision… “Grow as a cohesive and fun team with purpose, engagement, passion, and quality”. Here is a look into the life of one of our many excellent teachers. Find out what they love and what inspires them to be a great educator.

Introducing Ms. Liz at Germantown…

How long have you worked at Momentum?

I started January 22nd…so, around 6 months.

IMG_7053What classroom do you teach?

I’m one of the lead teachers in Creative Explorers!

What made you want to become a teacher?

It’s what I’ve wanted to do since high school. Right after graduating, I got a job as a teacher in a little church in 2003. The rest was history.

What or who inspires you?

My mom for her tenacity and fighting spirit. Also, anyone who


reminds me to stay grateful and positive. As well as, the kids who remind me to hold on to those childhood values we often loose as adults.

What is your favorite kind of activity to teach?

Art! I went to school for Early Childhood Education, but also fine art. I love to the combine the two fields at work.

What is one of your first memories from school?


I don’t remember much when I was little, but I do remember something somewhat funny…We were on a field trip to a farm where I was balancing on a plank and I fell into a pit of manure! Ha! Not fun!!

What is one of your hidden talents?

Art, drawing, etc. Anything creative, I used to do lots of creative writing too.

Do you have any pets?

Yes. We have 4 cats. I LOVE animals. When we get our house..(or farm)..I want two/three dogs, bunnies, goats, snakes, etc.

What is your favorite thing to cook?

I Love to cook. My family is huge into cooking and taught me a lot. My favorite thing


to cook is French cuisine, because it comes naturally to me, and uses such simple, farm ingredients.

IMG_7056What is your favorite way to relax?

Canoeing, relaxing on a sunny patio or terrace on the water, camping in my Dads RV in the woods, or chilling with my family or in-laws on their boat!

What is your favorite TV show/guilty pleasure?

Master Chef, House Hunters, Law and Order SVU, The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones.

What makes a “good day” at Momentum?

The days with happy kids who get along, keep busy and when your lesson goes well and the kids enjoy it!

What kind of morning routine do you have to get excited for the day?

Pretty simple…I wake up, get ready, start the coffee, feed the kitties and out the door I go!

What is the best thing about being a teacher?IMG_4458

Being the “foundation” of a child’s education. It’s so great to be greeted by happiness and hugs every day. Seeing kids absorb the lessons you teach is great, but hearing “I love you, Ms. Liz,” takes the cake.

If you could take your class on a fieldtrip anywhere in the world, where would you go?

The Betty Brinn science museum! I loved it as a kid and know my class would too! Otherwise, a large motor field trip where they could run, jump, etc!

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