Golden Hearts Educating Young Minds

Education is one of the most valuable things you can give your child. Education in the early years of life is even more valuable. Early 16426116_10154628357157224_8630960358352816094_neducators share much of the responsibility for molding that blank slate your child was born with. It might not be the most glamorous job, but it is one of the most purposeful jobs one can take on, and boy is it messy! It starts with building trust and security as an infant teacher. Not only do these teachers secure a bond with the child, but they build a trusting relationship with that nervous parent who sheds a few tears as DSCF3582they drop off their infant for the first time. It ends with that same infant strutting down the hallway five years later thinking “I’ve got this!” as they make their way out of our doors and into kindergarten. At Momentum, our teachers work tremendously hard to teach children  how to be their best self that they can be. They leave a lasting impression on the ones they teach by giving children the skills and confidence to be successful for the rest of their lives. Our teachers are proud to share these early experiences with your child. Here is why they love what they do:

“I became an educator because I always wanted to help young children. I have a love and a passion for teaching young children.”

“I’ve always had a passion for young children. I love that they are always curious and honest. They probably teach me more about life than I teach the, about knowledge.”

“To learn more about children – health and overall background for my future career.”

“Because I believe the preschool years are so important for teaching the building blocks of learning.”

“I’ve always wanted to be a teacher growing up. I would teach my stuffed animals in my kitchen. I’m also going back to school to get my Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education this fall.”

13406739_10154067018802224_3027227005968623058_n“I have always enjoyed working with kids and no matter where I go in life I always feel called back to teaching.”

“I love kids and I always wanted to be a teacher.”

“I have always been someone who has loved kids and wants to be a pediatric nurse, this is a great stepping stone in my career.”

“There is nothing I love more than seeing a child’s face light up when they accomplish something they didn’t think they could do. I also feel strongly about the important of Early Childhood Education and I love being able to help mold their minds.”

“Because I love to see how much a child grows physically, emotionally, socially and academically from the beginning of the year to the end. It’s so rewarding to know that you have helped shape that mind.”

“I became an educator because I love children, I love to help them grow and reach development goals.”

“It starts from loving the hugs and smiles you get every day. I am never bored. Then I get to experience the highs and lows that always end with some sort of milestone that you and your team helped to succeed.”

“I am educator because I love bringing fun and joy to learning and seeing how much fun a child has when they learn and laugh. As well as sharing what I know and teaching children of all ages.”

“To nurture, love, teach and create fun experiences for my students.”wotyc

“I love young children. I love seeing them learn something new and the smiles on their faces. Their hugs and shines bring so much joy to me. I love my toddlers.”

“I love to teach children, and watch them grow and develop. I love to see the smile on their faces when they are successful and learn new things. If there is a happy child there is a happy teacher.”

“I love to watch young minds grow and see young children’s enthusiasm when they learn new things. Every day is a new learning experience.”

“I love young children. You get a feeling of joy when you see children grasp concepts and see the smiles on their faces when they learn something new.”

“Even on the toughest days, at some point at least one child will do something to make me smile or laugh. Those are the moments that make me love what I do. I love having fun laughing with kids.”

“Being an early educator has taught me to embrace the unexpected parts of life. Every day brings something new, whether it’s a new development, a funny moment for everyone to laugh at, or unexpected challenges.”

“I love working with younger kids, watching them grown and learn each day is very rewarding. Just walking into the room to see them smile and say hi makes my day!”

jenna“I am an early educator because I love helping kids grow and learn. I love helping them navigate their way through the world and I enjoy making a positive influence in children’s lives.”

“I started off as a 5th grade reading buddy to 2nd graders, and became a Sunday School Teacher for 12 toddlers. My love for babies lead me to a career in Early Education. Watching their faces light up through music, finger play, and books gives me joy.”

“I love watching children grow and learn something new every day! Seeing children successfully complete milestones make my days rewarding and fulfilled.”

“I enjoy helping young children learn new things each day. Also, every day they make me feel young and smile. Their hugs are great!”

“I see so much potential in young children so I want to support young families in their goals for early childhood education.”

“To provide children with a strong, solid foundation as well as a skill set that they will carry with them through life in order to be successful. I also want to give children the support they need and deserve so they can learn and grow into people they are and will cassi teachingbecome.”

“I am and early educator because of my son’s dad. We started our first business in 1999.”

“I chose teaching because I love it. Being able to work with children and watch them grow is the most amazing thing in the world. When you watch their little minds at work and their imaginations go crazy, it makes you realize that there is so much life that isn’t worth stressing over. They are so innocent, and they just want to learn how to do anything and everything. Having the opportunity to help them realize their potential is the most rewarding part of being a teacher.”

We are so lucky to have these amazing teachers at our centers! They truly make a difference everyday, and it shows on the smiling faces of the children who grow with us at Momentum Early Learning. We can’t say thank you enough for all that you do. Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to all of the Educators out there!