Core Values


SafetyPoster24x36safetySerious About Safety

Nothing is more important than protecting the safety of our children.  Our security system at the door uses fingerprint recognition technology to gain access into our facility for the utmost safety and security.  The fingerprint system increases the speed, accuracy and efficiency of child pick-ups and drop-offs while also increasing safety.  With fingerprint recognition, security is maximized due to the fact that a fingerprint cannot be lost or compromised.  This fingerprint recognition system goes above the Wisconsin State Licensing Requirements for security, which is another reason why Momentum Early Learning is The New Standard in Child Care. Most importantly, our staff is trained to ensure your child experiences a safe environment and our safety processes and procedures are designed to ease the minds of our parents.


EducationPoster24x36educationOur Philosophy – Making Learning Fun

From the moment a child first walks through our door, they enter a world of exploration and creativity. Momentum Early Learning encourages children to learn through creative play and structured daily schedules while learning strong values such as respect, empathy, responsibility and kindness. Children play in learning centers that help children develop the skills needed for success, both in and out of the classroom. Our innovative floor plan is designed specifically for the purpose of early learning. Large windows; warm, inviting colors; and spacious classrooms help children feel welcome and eager to learn. Each classroom features age-appropriate educational materials, books, and supplies that make learning fun. Our fenced-in private playground and outdoor classroom adds to the learning experience.

One of the most important things we can do for children is to encourage them to build a genuine love for learning. To facilitate this, our teachers use observation and intentional planning to improve individual development. Individual lesson planning is used weekly to highlight goals for each child recognizing that all children do not learn at the same rate. Children are grouped with other children with similar abilities to optimize their learning during small group work. Individual child portfolios showcase the learning process and documents a child’s progress throughout their time at Momentum.

Our Momentum Team opens doors to discovery. No matter which campus your child attends, our Leadership Team is dedicated to the safety, education and development of all our children. Our Momentum Leadership Team partners with our teaching staff to build a strong foundation for learning and excellence, by providing the training and tools they need to succeed. Our experienced teachers nurture each child toward positive cognitive, physical, and social-emotional development. Most of our teaching staff holds an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in early childhood development and is qualified through years of practical experience in early childhood education. Our teachers dedicate themselves to helping each child reach their greatest potential by adapting their approach to suit each child’s unique needs. They turn every day into an opportunity for exploration and discovery. At its heart, Momentum Early Learning helps each child build momentum for a lifetime of learning and success.


CleanlinessPoster24x36cleanlinessCleanliness – Healthy Means Happy

From the moment you walk into a Momentum Early Learning facility, cleanliness is apparent! We take pride in providing a clean environment for our children. Each classroom receives a thorough cleaning every night and all common areas of the center get a thorough cleaning nightly as well. Toys and learning materials are sanitized daily to maintain a healthy environment for the children to learn in. Fewer germs mean fewer sicknesses and that makes for better overall health of each child. A healthy child is a happy child!


TechnologyPoster24x36technologyTech Savvy

Parents get a glimpse into their children’s day through the use of today’s computer web technology. Parents can access our free secure webcams in each classroom through a password protected website to check in on their child throughout the day. Login to see the smile on your child’s face and their learning in action! A Daily Note App is used on iPads in every classroom to track information about each child. From diaper changes to special events happening around the center, teachers are communicating with parents on a daily basis!

Momentum Early Learning also pays close attention to the role technology plays in education. We see that it is vital to ensure young learners have optimal experiences so we are committed to integrating technology into the curriculum and instruction of all our preschool children in order to improve academic achievement. Through the use of iPad technology, our overall goal is to provide interactive experiences that build critical skills in language/literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and social-emotional development.