Children at Momentum Early Learning receive lots of one-on-one attention. Through music, creative activities and exercises, your child will experience hands-on learning.  These activities will encourage children to develop a strong sense of independence and individuality as well as group interaction.

6-weeks-12 months Cognitive, social/emotional, and physical development is encouraged by nurturing interaction. Focus is on large and small motor skills.

12 months-24months Active learning as they begin to walk and run becomes paramount during the toddler years.  New and exciting materials keep growing minds interested.

2-year-olds New challenges encourage creativity. Focus is on interaction and healthy group formation. Introduction to letters and numbers feed hungry minds.

3-year-olds Increased group activity inspires friendships. Focus is on pre-kindergarten skills such as reading, writing, counting, cutting, and phonics.

4-year-olds Vivid imagination leads to an eagerness to learn.  Focus is on building imagination and creativity, as well as heightened motor skills. Group projects, letters and numbers are a primary goal as we prepare children for elementary school.

5-12-year-olds Progress differs greatly with age.  Focus is on challenging, age-appropriate art, math, writing, library, computer, and science/sensory activities.


With multiple teachers for each age group, children at Momentum Early Learning receive lots of one-on-one attention. Through active and creative activities and exercises, your child will experience hands-on learning. These activities will encourage them to develop a strong sense of independence and individuality.

Our classrooms are organized into different areas of learning – math, relationships, library, music, and creative projects – and children participate in each area at different times throughout the day. Our teachers prepare lesson plans ahead of time and adapt their approach to meet the specific needs of each child. Each child at Momentum Early Learning will always learn at their own pace.

As a parent, your input is incredibly valuable to us because it allows us to create the best possible developmental plan for your child. You are encouraged to play an active role in suggesting what works best for your child. We encourage you to stop in at any time throughout the day. There’s also plenty of opportunity for you to volunteer (both in-classroom and on field trips).

We look forward to communicating with you to create a plan that will best suit your child.

Age Groups: Developmental Guidelines

Our teachers will support the natural progression of developmental growth children undergo while transitioning from one stage to the next … from infants all the way up to school-age.

Download Developmental Timeline (PDF)
Download Sample Classroom Layout (PDF)


Momentum Early Learning’s curriculum is based on several key ideas.
  1. Children learn through play; their learning experiences and their environment.
  2. The teaching staff uses developmentally appropriate practices used in the classroom and take advantage of teachable moments.
  3. Daily routines and meaningful experiences enhance children’s learning.
  4. The teaching staff makes adjustments in their teaching for the needs and interests of individual children.
  5. Children develop everyday; socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically.
  6. Literacy and language development are emphasized daily in the classroom.
  7. Opportunities for growth and advancement encourage children to love learning.
  8. Positive reinforcement and guidance is necessary for building relationships with children.
  9. Parent partnerships are a key ingredient to child care/school success.

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